San Ignacio, Belize

The Mango & Monty Show

Once upon a time there were two critters. 

Monty, the master canine, is a fluffy, coal-black, chow, collie mix whose favorite activities include suppertime and barking at anything on the other side of the fence. 


His brother, Mango, the supreme feline, is a snow-white ball of fur (except for a few patches of orange), whose favorite things are cardboard boxes, licking frogs and aggravating Monty’s tail. 


These brothers from different mothers happen to live on an awesome property along the Mopan River, right smack dab in the beautiful jungles of Belize.


Their mommies had to leave to return to Canada for a few months, so they invited housesitters, aka Uncle John and Aunt Anel, to come to take care of these precocious, lovable fur boys. So, it was much more than a hunch, just like the Brady Bunch, the four of them (Monty, Mango, Uncle John and Aunt Anel), for the past ten months, have formed a family, with Monty and Mango as the stars of the show.


Here are a few episodes from their story. 















Thank you Monty and Mango for 10 months of fun, constant entertainment and love. Thank you for letting us be a part of your “show!”

We love you and will miss you,

Uncle John & Aunt Anel

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